Sunday, September 13, 2015

Disney Math

Disney Math
(by DreamFinder Agent, Kim Merrill)

Disney Math:  Loosely defined as budget manipulation to do what you need to do to get back to whatever forms of Disney therapy you desire. Case in point:

One of my Facebook groups had someone post their rationale on how they were going to purchase their annual pass.  This involved brown bags, Starbucks Via’s, and various other ways to carve out the funds needed for that much-desired AP!

Target gift cards.  Tips and tricks of the trade:  Using Target’s red card gets you 5% off the gift card price.  Over time, this can save a good chunk of change on a Disney vacation.

Dollar stores are great places to pre-purchase glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets that kids love to wear at night in the parks.  And if you plan to hit those stores the day after Halloween you can get them at half-price.

Booking your next cruise onboard.  True no-brainer!  10% off and an onboard credit by Disney (and thru your Dreamfinder Travel agent as well if you designate us as your agency) as long as you comply with their terms and conditions and blackout dates.

And………my ultimate Disney rationalization.  Time for a confession here people. Last week I sort of accidentally registered for another race.  But it was for a really, REALLY good reason.  I WANT to do the inaugural Disneyland Paris half-marathon next fall.  Not sure I can make that happen, but if I do, wouldn’t it make sense to earn the special chateau-to-chateau medal they are creating for this race?  Like the coast-to-coast medal they have here in the US for running a half-marathon on both coasts in the same calendar year, there is now going to be a medal for running a half marathon on two continents.  No brainer, right?  So that would require me running something here.  One quick visit to the runDisney website showed me that the Tinkerbell  half marathon still had spaces available, and it’s conveniently timed over Mother’s Day weekend.  Honey……..I already got my Mother’s Day gift!!!

Want to use some creative Disney Math and book your next vacation?  Contact DreamFinder Travel today, and ask for Kim.