Friday, November 25, 2016

Be Our Chef - Exclusive Experience

Are you a foodie?  Have you been looking for something new and unusual to do onboard your Disney Cruise?  Have you ever wanted to see how some of the Palo dishes are prepared and learn how to cook them yourself?  Well look no further than the new "Be Our Chef" guest experience.  This exclusive new experience is being offered on select Disney Cruise Line sailings.  Currently it is being offered to concierge guests once onboard the ship (currently testing on the Disney Fantasy), but it is slated to open for booking online in the near future.  The intimate experience is limited to only 8 guests, and it is held on a port day.

While onboard the Disney Fantasy last month I had the opportunity to learn more about this fantastic opportunity first hand.  While we had planned to participate in this, an unexpected event kept us from being able to do so.  However we were fortunate enough to have our fellow cruise mates enjoy this event and share it with us.  Thank you to Bob S. for providing the pictures and details from one of the first Be Our Chef experiences!

So what exactly is Be Our Chef?  It's an opportunity to work directly with the Palo head chef and the assistant chefs to learn how to make some of the wonderful Palo dishes.  Because the experience is limited to only 8 participants it allows each one to work closely with the chefs and ask questions and learn more about cooking.

The event starts the night prior--with a delivery of a chef's jacket, apron and cap so that everyone can arrive dressed and ready for the day.  Bob and his party arrived at 11:00 a.m. and were greeted by Palo Head Chef Massimo and Chef Mickey for photo opportunities.  After pictures were taken they were taken on a brief tour of the Palo kitchen.  On this day there were only 4 participants, which made for lots of fun and engaging time with the chefs.

After the tour of the kitchen (and lots of hand washing!) Chef Massimo demonstrated how to assemble a margarita pizza properly.  Each participant had their own station in which to work and each one made their pizzas.  After making the pizzas it was time to learn how to mix a ravioli filling and how to prepare the dough for the pasta.  After watching chef, it was time to make and assemble butternut squash ravioli!   (I love Palo butternut squash ravioli!)  After being shown how to make this, they made their own pasta, filling and assembled their ravioli.

Finally it was time for the best part, dessert--and today it was Limoncello Cheesecake!  After watching Chef Massimo's demonstration, each participant headed to their stations to make their own cheesecake.  Having such a small group made for lots of fun and personalized attention from the chefs.  The chefs seemed to be enjoying the experience just as much as the guest chefs!

After prepping all of the food it was time to EAT!  The participants head to the dining room after finishing up and have a seat and relax.  Then they are served a 3 course meal (the dishes are the same ones they just learned to make, but not the actual dishes they prepped.)  In addition to the meal, the Palo Sommelier pairs wines with each course for the participants.  After enjoying a lovely meal and laughing and reminiscing over the fun they all had, each participant was presented with the pictures taken with Chef Mickey and Chef Massimo (in a lovely portfolio).  In addition everyone received a beach bag with the Palo logo on it, and copies of each of the recipes that they had just made.  Everyone then swapped out their "used" Palo apron, hat and chef's jacket for fresh clean ones to take home as a souvenir.

This new experience is great for those who enjoy cooking, are foodies, or are just looking for something brand new to do (instead of going ashore for an excursion.)  This experience is not currently offered on all of the ships, and the event is subject to change at any time.  If this sounds interesting to you, until it is available to book online in advance of the cruise, make sure to check as soon as you board the ship to see if it is available to book.  Due to the newness of this event, details are not available as to whether it will be offered to non-concierge guests, or if it will be offered to concierge first, and then open to others.  Currently it is being offered to concierge guests.  The cost of this exclusive event is $279 per person, and it is limited to 8 participants.

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Blog post by DreamFinder Travel's Director of Travel Services, Sue Ellen Soto-Rios